Which California Baseball Teams Have the Best Batting Lineups?

We've ranked Contra Costa County's top 10 baseball teams based on their batting lineups. Find out which teams made our list.

Which California Baseball Teams Have the Best Batting Lineups?

We've ranked the top 10 of each for this tandem countdown.

Schwarber, Harper, Nick Castellanos, Rhys Hoskins

and Jean Segura each have at least five home runs and 15 RBIs. Add Alec Bohm by hitting sharply. Realmut is a great batting receiver who has a bit of a slow start by his standards and there is minimal rest for the wicked when facing the Phillies.I might be slightly underestimating the Angels at the No.

But before that performance, the Angels' starters were out of the top 20 of the majors, both on bases for nine innings and in strikeouts per walk. However, they have been scoring much better lately, with 57 runs scored in their last eight games. It's a shame they finally figured out how to score well, as their pitching team began to crumble at the seams.Four times in the past 10 days, they scored at least six in a loss. In terms of effectiveness (3.8) and record (11-1), it has been a difficult year for the Phillies rotation.

But their top five starters have kept the bases to a minimum, have frequently thrown deep into games, and all have a respectable strikeout rate. However, both the batting average and the on-base percentage leave much to be desired, practically in every area with this lineup.Only Lorenzo Cain bats below. And none of those team leaders are among the top 50 in the majors in that category. As a result, 31 of Milwaukee's 54 home runs have been single-shot.

Although at least this team has done well with the runners in goal position, batting.The Giants would have easily qualified in the top five a week ago, but sledding has been tough lately, with 41 runs allowed over a span of five games against St. Louis Cardinals, Rockies and San Diego Padres. As much as the Toronto Blue Jays pay for Kevin Gausman, Hyun Jin Ryu, Yusei Kikuchi and Jose Berrios, the seventh-best rotation is a considerable disappointment. However, I will say that the gap between the No.Therefore, Toronto could quickly enter the top 10 percent now that Ryu has returned from a month in Illinois and is already looking formidable.

Gausman and Alek Manoah's double at the top of the rotation was sensational. The former has 57 strikeouts against just three bases and is among the first favorites to win the AL Cy Young. The latter has an effectiveness of 1.62, a WHIP of 0.88 and a great gift for quality starts.Both will be obvious All-Stars if they can go on like this one more month. In reality, it's just a couple of bad starts from Berrios and mediocre things from Ross Stripling instead of Ryu holding back the Blue Jays.

It wouldn't be surprising if they jumped to No. But while the Cardinals have had nothing special when it comes to home runs, they are among the best of the majors in batting average, doubles and stolen bases.The Redbirds have scored at least 10 runs five times, including a recent 15-6 beating against Carlos Rodon and the San Francisco Giants. When your team plays 13 consecutive games without allowing more than three runs, it must be at least in the top five, right? Since then, that streak has come to an end, with the Nationals scoring 13 in a game and the Red Sox scoring 15 in a three-game series. But for a while, Justin Verlander and company.

The 39-year-old, who had only pitched one game in the previous two seasons together, has had things worthy of Cy Young so far and has been quite effectively flanked by Framber Valdez and Luis Garcia.However, the Dodgers lead the majors both in runs scored and in base percentage, thanks in large part to a high walking rate (11 percent). Taking four balls routinely isn't as fun as routinely hitting four players, but it does its job when you have a line-up full of guys who can capitalize on runners in goal position. Beyond that dynamic duo, Anthony Rizzo has 10 home runs, although he has slowed down considerably from a scorching start. And while the trio of Josh Donaldson, Gleyber Torres and DJ LeMahieu isn't as scary as Judge and Stanton, all three are established hitters who will hurt you if you make a mistake.The Astros took a while to warm up.

They were eliminated twice in their first 12 games and averaged just 3.29 runs during their 6-8 start to the campaign. They'll have to control the home runs a bit (1.03 by 9 IP), but the Brewers starters lead the majors in strikeouts (10.6 by 9 IP) by a wide margin. With Devin Williams and Josh Hader kicking the haymakers out of the bullpen, no less.The profits from the cafeteria, merchandise and ticket go to the league, while players are paid with half of the winnings from the drawing for each game (50-50) and when the team “feeds” the fish by passing a fish-shaped bag through the stands when Sturgeon's players hit a home run or strike out the team. To add your California tourist baseball team, simply create an account using the links in the navigation above(or to the right on mobile) and then follow the instructions.

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